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We are a local tour operator working in close collaboration with well known Iranian travel agencies. Our mission is to help you arrange a safe, healthy and wonderful trip to Iran. At "Persia Khatoon Tours", we offer various types of tours, including cultural, seasonal, nature and self-arranged tours, to cover the diverse tastes and needs of our customers all around the world in every season.

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Discover the very best of Iran, from ancient history, wonderful art and architecture to unique tastes and colorful traditions.

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(ORDIBESHTGAN) The word Ordibehesht means truth and correctness. ORDIBESHTGAN ‘or Golestan celebration was one of the twelve celebrations of the year in ancient Iran and is one of the fire celebrations. The third day of each ancient month is called Ordibehesht, and according to today’s …


Farvardingan(Farvardin) or Froudug is one of the monthly Zoroastrian festivals. The day of this celebration is the 19th of Farvardin. Farvardin is a celebration to commemorate the dead, and since in the religion of Zoroaster, there are no mourning rituals in the forms we know, …


This style is the fourth Razi architectural style in Iran that has all the good features of the previous styles in the best way. In this style, the influence of the Persian style and the glory of the Party style and the accuracy of the …